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Farewell to OC 609 (WR) Squadron

Sqn Ldr Metcalfe was commissioned as a Part-Time Volunteer Reservist in the Ops Spt (Regt) Branch of the Royal Auxiliary Air Force on 19 August 1991, having been originally commissioned in Mar 80 with the RAF Volunteer Reserve. Completion of the Reserve Officers’ Initial Training course at Cranwell led to a posting to 2729/2890 Sqns RAuxAF Regt at RAF Waddington, part of 1339 Air Defence Wing.  This rapidly led to completion of several JROC modules at RAF Catterick, the 35mm Oerlikon Gun Course, the Contraves Skyguard Radar Course and the Range Management Course SA (B) 90, whereupon Metcalfe took on the role of Radar & Flight commander.


In 1994, 1339 Wg disbanded and the Rapier Cadreisation Unit stood up at RAF Scampton.  He was automatically transferred to the new unit and after completion of the FSB1 (M) Rapier Course became a Rapier Flight commander.  The personnel from the RCU formed the majority on 27 and 48 Sqns RAF Regiment when these two units arrived at Waddington, Metcalfe again becoming a Flight Commander and serving on both Sqns in turn until their disbandment in 1998.


Due to the fact that he lived and worked in North Yorkshire, Flight Lieutenant Metcalfe was posted to the Air Defence Support Sqn (ADSS) at RAF Leeming in late 1998.  He assumed the role of RAF Regiment t Flight commander on that new unit and completed courses linked to the Survive to Operate role of that Sqn.  The ADSS reformed as 609 (WR) Sqn in 1999 as an Operational Support Squadron.  He was mobilised for permanent service from February to July 2003 in support of Op TELIC 1 and deployed to Ali-Al-Salem airbase where he was Sector Commander for the UK Flying Site with responsibility for the security and ground defence of the deployed Tornado GR4 force.


On return from operations, he left his civilian employer of 28 years, Lloyds TSB Bank, on redundancy terms. The regular Adjutant’s post at 609 Sqn became available on FTRS terms and he successfully applied for the position, taking up post on 1 February 2004. Flt Lt Metcalfe continued to fill this position on 609 Sqn for the next few years also becoming Deputy Squadron Commander in early 2008.  He was promoted to Sqn Ldr and appointed OC 609 Sqn on 1 Nov 08.


Sqn Ldr Metcalfe was awarded a Deputy Commanders Commendation in 2013 and the Queen’s Volunteer Reserves Medal in the Queen’s Birthday Honours List 2014.


Sqn Ldr Metcalfe will officially retire from service with the Royal Auxilairy Air Force on 31 January 2017 

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